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Japanese Gastroenterological Association Privacy Policy

1. Purpose

The purpose of the Japanese Gastroenterological Association privacy policy (hereinafter ?gthe privacy policy?h) is to protect and effectively use personal data of members and of non-members participating in the activities of the Association.

2. Definition of personal data

Personal data is information such as addresses, names, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses that can identify specific individuals that are provided by members and by nonmembers participating in the activities of the Association to the Japanese Gastroenterological Association by mean such as e-mail, post, or fax.

3. Gathering of personal data

Personal data gathered from members and from non-members participating in the activities of the Association shall be in accordance with the purpose of activities of the Association and use limited to providing services, creating a member directory, survey research, and updating personal data gathered in the past.

4. Management of personal data by the Association

The Japanese Gastroenterological Association shall strictly manage personal data gathered so that it is not leaked to outside parties, damaged, falsified, or lost. Measures to prevent leakage shall be taken in managing registered information stored. However, the Association bears no responsibility for damage such as falsification or leakage due to unauthorized access thorough means that cannot be technically foreseen.

5. Disclosure of personal data

A. The Japanese Gastroenterological Association may provide personal information it has gathered to outside entities commissioned as required for operations, but restricted to the minimum extent necessary and under strict confidentiality agreements. Also, data statistics may be provided to third parties in a form that does not include information that can identify specific individuals. This data may be provided without prior consent of the original provider.
B. Personal data may be disclosed or provided in any of the following cases other than the purpose for which it was gathered.

  1. If requested to disclose or provide data through legal processes.
  2. If the provider of personal data consents to or approves data discloser or provision.
  3. When using personal data for the purpose of information distribution services in line with the purposes of Association activities or for sending e-mail or other correspondence necessary for the operation on the Association.
  4. For other justifiable reasons to accomplish the activity plans approved by the general assembly or Board of Directors.

6. Revision and application

Revision of this privacy policy shall be determined by the Board of Directors. All revisions shall be notified to Association members in a timely fashion. If the Japanese Gastroenterological Association establishes individual rules that pertain to personal data, the established individual rules shall be applied with precedent.

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